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Seeds for the World.  SVALBARD GLOBAL SEED VAULT Forfatter(e): Pål Hermansen (forfatter og fotograf)
ISBN nummer: 9788293191124
Pris: kr 299,00
Språk: English
Format: 23x25
Sider: 160
Utgitt: 2013
Nivå: Adult
Emner: Svalbard, seed vault, earth resources, food supply, hunger

The Svalbard global seed vault has in the course of its brief history succeeded
in acquiring an important position in the world. The cold mountain chamber, filled with the agriculture history of mankind, is and will remain the most important room in the world. The need for the seed vault stems from an increasing pressure on the earth’s resources. This book presents in a unique fashion the seed’s fundamental significance for all life on earth, the background for the establishment of the seed vault, and the challenges we face in terms of future world food supply.

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The Svalbard Global Seed Vault has in the course of its brief history succeeding in acquiring an important position in the world. Not only professionals from within the agricultural sector, but also a large number of “ordinary” people from all over the globe know about and appreciate the value of the vault. Located in the far north, in exotic Svalbard, our civilisation’s most important treasures are to be preserved for all eternity. It is no wonder that such an institution holds an appeal.

The need for a seed vault stems from the increasing pressure that is being placed on the earth’s resources. Rapid changes in agriculture have led to a situation where many of the genetic values that have evolved over the course of thousands of years are at risk. Simultaneously, we
must produce more food for a growing world population. It becomes then ever more important to safeguard genetic diversity.

A great deal of work has been carried out in connection with the collection of plant materials from all over the world during recent decades, but these materials are not always stored under equally secure conditions. In Svalbard it shall be possible to store duplicates of seeds from the world’s seed banks more safely and for a longer time period than that which has been usual up until now.

This book presents the background of the seed vault’s justification, from the time when the seed concept itself was conceived in a remote past, up to the food supply challenges of the future. It is a complex reality that involves many professional fields and intersecting interests, but also a reality that fill us with wonder and fascination for the mysteries of life and nature.
An understanding of the long-term trends and large perspectives of existence has become more important than ever before if we are to ensure a responsible development of society. The health of the natural environment and the health of the human race are closely intertwined.

This book open up doors to knowledge and respect for the world of which we are already a part.

The author:

Pål Hermansen is a professional photographer, dentist, and homeopath. He is one of Norway’s leading photographers and authors of books on nature-related subjects. He works to a large extent within the international market and his credits include a number of exhibitions, and publications in well-known magazines, such as National Geographic Magazine, Geo and Orion. He was chosen by the BBC as one of the world’s 10 leading photographers in the field of nature. A number of his photographs have won awards in
competitions including World Press Photo and Wildlife Photographer of the Year.

Hermansen has published some 25 books, is associated with the Norwegian Society of Fine Art Photographers, and is an honorary member of the Norwegian Nature Photographers Association.

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