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An underwater journey along the Norwegian coast

SECRETS OF THE SEA        Forfatter(e): Erling Svensen & Bjørn Gulliksen
ISBN nummer: 9788293191407
Pris: kr 449,00
Språk: English
Format: Stort format, innbundet
Sider: 320
Utgitt: 2016
Nivå: Voksen sakprosa

What lives below the surface of the sea?
This book takes you on an underwater journey along the Norwegian coast and you become acquainted with near 300 marine species which live from the sea surface down to about 50 meters depth. Large photographs with interesting details accompanied with brief illustrative texts provides opportunities to get to know the unknown depths, both species and habitats.  

Recent research reveal disquieting pollution and increased temperatures in the oceans. It is therefore an important point that this book primarily conveys virgin habitats not yet polluted, neither of plastic garbage, sewage, mining tailings or other types of waste. Knowledge of habitats that are not heavily impacted by human activities is very important to understand the extent and effects of pollution. It is important to understand that the ocean not can be used as a sewage bin! Contamination can not always be irreversible! With increasing knowledge about natural and unpolluted healthy habitats, it creates an increased public engagement working for cleaner seas and sustainable exploitation of marine resources.

Marine resources have given the living conditions to the people along the Norwegian coast since the last ice age. Fishing and hunting of marine organisms such as shellfish, fish and marine mammals have been important for the Norwegian economy for centuries. In recent decades aquaculture has also become a very important industry.

A new marine priority with potential is bioprospecting. Economically it can provide extremely lucrative opportunities in the coming years. To locate and harvest the valuable organisms, knowledge about the occurrence of promising species and their living conditions in the habitats are of vital importance.

Erling Svensen
from Egersund, is Norway's leading underwater photographer with more than 4000 dives and around 70,000 images of plants and animals. In this book he presents his very best pictures, and mainly images that have not previously been published.
All pictures are taken in situ that is: both plants and animals are in their right and natural environment. No organism are manipulated or moved from their natural habitat to a more "photogenic" environment.

Bjørn Gulliksen
from Sandefjord, is professor emeritus at the University of Tromsø. He is marine biologist. He has done research in the Arctic (Svalbard, Greenland, Canada), in Antarctica (Ross Sea, Weddell Sea), California, Mexico, Chile and several European countries.
Gulliksen has a working diver certificate, several  thousand dives and has written more than 200 articles/book manuscripts including about a hundred scientific articles published in international journals.

Erling Svensen and Bjørn Gulliksen have together participated in several research expeditions, both along the Norwegian coast and along the coasts of Svalbard.

Kom Publishing house
is Norway's leading publishing house related to marine biology and the presentation of plants, animals and habitats along the Norwegian coast.

Some previous releases in English are: “The living sea”, “Marine fish and invertebrates”, “Svalbard and life in polar ocean,“ and ”With shells on the plate”.




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